What is auto-renewal? How to switch off/on?

What is auto-renewal?

When you subscribe, your subscription is set to automatically renew until canceled.

Once canceled, the auto-renewal has been disabled. At the end of the membership term, your subscription will expire instead of renewing.

TO AVOID BEING CHARGED, you must cancel the auto-renewal before the upcoming renewal date.

If you were accidentally charged, please contact support@surfline.com ASAP to request a refund.

How to disable auto-renewal?

Canceling a subscription = disabling the auto-renewal

Instructions to disable auto-renewal: How do I cancel my Surfline Premium membership?

How to manually renew?

If you want to manually renew your Premium subscription, cancel the subscription straight away. This will prevent your account from automatically renewing.

Visit this FAQ to learn how to manually resubscribe: How do I renew my Surfline Premium membership?

How to reenable auto-renewal?

Head to your Account settings by hitting the User icon (to the right of the search bar) and then Account.


Hit SUBSCRIPTION and then the STAY PREMIUM button.


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