How do I set up custom surf alerts?

Setting up Custom Surf Alerts enables you to personalize the information you receive about your favorite surf spots. Surfline will send these alerts to you via email (we’re currently having trouble sending SMS notifications. Please bear with us while we investigate this fix.) You can also choose how often and how far in advance you would like to receive your surf alerts.

To begin customizing your surf alerts…

  1. Click the “Surf Alerts” tab at the top of the Surfline homepage
  2. Then click “set up a custom surf alert now”

3. Enter the email that you would like Surfline to send your custom surf alerts
4. Then click the blue “Add Surf Alert” button

5. From here, you can enter the surf spot that you want to receive information about as well as the specific conditions which you would like to be notified about, and how far ahead you would like  to receive these notifications

Once you’ve finished customizing your surf alerts, you can manage them at the top of the homepage or by editing them here

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