Why does the surf cam read, “Are you still watching?”


Let’s face it, watching the waves on Surfline’s webcams is cool, but it’s no blockbuster. (Okay, maybe on a really good day it is). Say the conditions aren’t great and you feel like you can take a 10 minute snack break without missing much. When you return to your computer 10 minutes later, the screen asks you “Are you still watching?”

This means you have been timed out of your viewing session. You can simply click the “continue watching” button or refresh the page and your footage will resume. The intention of the "Are you still watching" feature is to conserve high-quality, expensive bandwidth on cam streams that users aren’t actively watching (e.g.: streaming in the background or behind another browser tab).  This is a common practice for live streaming services (e.g.: Pandora, Satellite radio).

* Some users are receiving this message immediately after trying to view their cams. If this is the case and you are using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer, please refer to this article for assistance - Issues with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer

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