Where is the Live Data map?

Surfline’s map pinpoints the spots we forecast and the buoys that report on our site.

When you land on the Map page, you’ll be looking at surf spots. Surf spots are represented by a colored pill/tablet shape on the map; showing the estimated surf height, condition rating color, and a cam icon if available.



As you zoom out, you will notice individual spots are grouped — replaced by circles with a number in the middle. The number represents the number of spots within the given area.

The circle's colored border represents the condition ratings of the spots within. Click any circle to be zoomed in to the area.


To see a map of buoys we provide reports from, click Buoys. To see our global wave model’s charts, click Charts. Both buttons are highlighted in a red box in the screenshot above.


How can I get to the map?

Clicking Cams & Forecasts > Maps from the homepage


Clicking the Country/Region/Municipality at the bottom of the Live tab of any spot page.


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