The magicseaweed forecast seemed more reliable

For some years, both magicseaweed and Surfline have used the same proprietary wave data.

Any difference in a forecast between magicseaweed and Surfline will be due to subtle configuration differences at a spot level.

When combining forecast pages, Surfline & magicseaweed were carefully analysed to determine which was most accurate against our long record of observations. If a magicseaweed spot proved more accurate, Surfline's forecast page for the same spot will have been updated so we can be sure we've got the best forecasts on one website.

If the MSW forecast seemed more reliable, we want to know about it! Write to or visit our Support Centre and submit a ticket.

If you’ve actually been and checked the waves, provide the following information to help us see what you describe:

  1. A screenshot of the full Surfline forecast at the time you were looking at it

  2. We need to know the exact date/time you're checking the surf in order to ingest your observation. Without this, there is very little we can do.

  3. Some kind of supporting evidence will fast-track your feedback and help us use it reliably.
    Example: video, photo taken at spot, cam screenshot, Rewind clip, Sessions clip.

Ingestion of inaccurate information would be counterproductive, so bear with our support staff while they confirm all the necessary specifics before logging your feedback with the forecast engineers.

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