Surfline has human forecasts?

One of the benefits of Surfline is the addition of expert surf forecasters.

On Magicseaweed, you’re looking at raw model output from LOTUS (our proprietary global wave model that both Surfline & Magicseaweed use).

On Surfline, you can get detailed daily analysis of surf conditions in your area from our expert forecast team.

  • Forecasters make routine corrections to the predicted surf height & condition ratings of individual spots

  • Forecasters provide a written summary of the first 7 days of the 16-day forecast, under the Forecast tab of any spot page.

  • The Forecast Team dives into a more analytical and detailed forecast discussion under the Analysis tab. This information applies to a wider geographical area than the spot-specific information provided on the Live and Forecast tabs.

How do I know if I’m looking at a human forecast?

Look for a name or picture of someone from the Forecast Team!

On the Live tab

Under the cam player, you’ll see a couple of boxes with information provided by our forecasters. In the left-hand box, you’ll find an AM/PM report which explains what they were seeing and how they expect conditions to develop. A box on the right-hand side shows the “Best Bets” and “Forecast Highlights” which provide key insight to plan your surfs based on what we expect to see.

  • “Best Bets” indicate our team’s advice for the rest of the day & tomorrow.

  • “Forecast Highlights” call out notable conditions over the next 7 days.

On the Forecast tab

The forecast tab shows 16 days of model output from LOTUS. Forecasters provide a brief summary of conditions for each day of the first 7 days of this period.

On the Analysis tab

A wider-reaching written piece that allows forecasters to speak about wider processes impacting surf in the region.

Where there isn’t a human forecaster

As on Magicseaweed, you’ll see the results of our forecast models, which provide surf heights, swell, surf ratings, wind and tide.

You’ll see no written text, no pictures/names of human forecasters. Just surf/swell/wind/tide data and our ratings.

While no meteorologist is routinely issuing updates, our forecast engineers constantly work to test our wave model and improve accuracy based on feedback we receive.

So, if you’re not happy with the accuracy of a forecast, take a photo of the conditions and write to noting the exact date/time/location of your observation and attaching a screenshot of the full forecast you were looking at. Help our support agents understand what you think should be different so they can take your feedback forward on your behalf.

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