What’s up with the new colors on Surfline? Why change them?

We’ve updated our surf rating colors to a “traffic light” pattern. Based on feedback we’ve gathered from surfers, this pattern is more intuitive for decision making, since it’s similar to other rating systems.


Surfline's new color scale

Just like traffic lights, red means stop, green means go, and well, purple means…Pumping.

I prefer the Classic colors. Can I have them back? If you’d prefer to use the classic surf rating colors, you can switch to the classic view in your account settings. We’ll keep this option for some time.


Above: website (https://www.surfline.com/account/edit-settings)

Below: app (Account > THEME > Surf Ratings)


How can I share additional feedback? Feel free to reach out to support@surfline.com if you have any questions or feedback for our team.

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