What is happening to my billing?

Once you activate your Surfline account, you will have Premium access on Surfline for the remainder of your Magicseaweed Pro subscription term.

Unless you cancel Surfline Premium prior to the renewal date, we will automatically charge the credit card you had on Magicseaweed and your Surfline Premium membership will renew.

You’ll be billed by Surfline\Wavetrak, Inc. for Surfline Premium membership renewals that occur after the migration is complete. You’ll receive an update when the migration has occurred and new billing practices are in place. Once the migration is complete:

  • If you previously had a MSW Pro subscription through your Apple ID, billing will continue through the app store but under the Surfline brand.
  • If you previously had a MSW Pro subscription through Google Play, you will have access to your remaining subscription time on Surfline. Once your subscription ends, you will need to sign up at surfline.com/upgrade. We will be sending out further email communication on this. 
  • If you previously were billed by MSW RECURRING, your billing will now be managed by Surfline\Wavetrak.

If billing is managed through your Apple ID, head to your iPhone’s settings and search Subscriptions.

You can contact customer support by submitting a ticket here or emailing them directly at support@surfline.com. They’ll get back to you in a couple of days.

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