Troubleshooting Video Access

If a customer did not wear a band throughout their session they will not be able to reconcile videos to their account).

If they did wear a band:

  1. Make sure the customer activated the band by scanning the band QR code - this will prompt them to log in to their account. The QR code will be located on a tag or under the face of the band.

  2. They must log in when prompted to successfully activate the band.

  3. Check the admin tool by looking the user up by email. Under their account you can see if they have videos and an active band.

  4. If the above steps have been completed and their feed and the admin tool are not showing videos, contact customer support at for assistance in resolving the video ingestion issue. Our team will ensure compliance with our SLA.


If a user discards or loses a band after a session, we may not be able to reconcile videos to their account.

Customer bands must be activated on the same day as the customer’s session. We highly recommend customers activate the band prior to the session. This will ensure the videos sync to the customer’s account. If the customer comes back or calls in at a later date, you will need to reach out to for assistance.


Website bugs/issues

The customer can reference their support page or reach out to

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