Can't find a spot?

Surfline has added most spots that were on Magicseaweed.

The same spot could be named differently on Magicseaweed. If you know where the spot sits geographically, use Surfline’s surf spot map to locate it. If you know where the spot is by region, use the Cams & Forecasts dropdown menu to determine the continent > country > region > area (see below). Let know if you have any feedback to share.

Cams & Forecasts dropdown menu (top left of any page)

Potentially, a spot wasn’t added from Magicseaweed. But this would only be true for a small number of cases. Write in to and let us know the spot you’re looking for.

Want to add a new spot to Surfline? Send us the well-known name of the spot, and the decimal coordinates that pinpoint the breaking waves.

You can quickly grab coordinates from Google Maps by right-clicking on any location and left-clicking the coordinates to copy them to your clipboard.


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