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  1. The Live/Forecast split
  2. Where is the swell graph, and how do I use it?
  3. Where is the 16-day forecast?
  4. Where is the Regional Forecast?
  5. Where is the spot map?
  6. Where are the Buoys?

1. The Live/Forecast split

We've split spot pages in two.

The Live tab helps you decide whether you'll be going surfing now or later.

Cams (where available), AM/PM reports and brief forecast summary (where available), Live Wind (where available) nearby buoys and 24hrs of minute-by-minute forecast & weather data.

The Forecast tab helps you plan surfs throughout the week.

16-day forecast & written forecast summary for the first 7 days and Surfline's "Table View".


2. Where is the swell graph, and how do I use it?

Unsure of the difference between swell and surf? Click here.

Below the surf height graph and above the wind graph, look for a small arrow highlighted in red below.


Once you open the graph, you'll see individually sorted swells that are being used to calculate surf height. Hover your mouse over a line to see swell height, period and direction for the specific moment in the day or week. Arrow size on these lines represents swell period — longer period swell shows a bigger arrow size. The direction the arrow points is the swell's direction of travel. The height on this graph represents swell height.


3. Where is the 16-Day forecast?

Under the Forecast tab!

4. Where is the Regional Forecast?

There are no more Regional Forecast pages on Surfline!

Regionwide information can still be found under the Live, Forecast and Regional Analysis tab, highlighted in red boxes below.



Live tab: AM/PM report & forecast highlight summary


Forecast tab: written forecast summary for the first 7 days of the 16-Day forecast


Analysis tab: a wider-reaching written piece where forecasters can speak about wider processes


5. Where is the spot map?

Location "breadcrumbs" that can be clicked to see a map have been moved to the bottom of the Live tab


6. Where are the buoy pages?

Nearby Buoys will show a summary report below the weather and above Ideal Conditions on the Live tab. Click a Vew Buoy Data in the summary box to see a full buoy report.


Buoy summaries at the 

There is a small "View Map" button that will take you to a map in which buoys have been plotted by location.

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