How do I find a cam to record Sessions with?

Why are some cams better than others?

Depending on the kind of internet connection strength we're able to achieve, or where the cam has been mounted, some cams will be better for Sessions than others. The map icon in the top right of the Sessions tab will help guide you to the best spots to get clips.

Why do we have cams we know aren't good for Sessions?

Because we can still check the surf! Camera streams are the ultimate companion to our global wave forecast.

Some cams are better for an "overview" which helps you see a large surf zone, possibly panning across multiple views.

Where breaks have a large tidal range or various peaks, we can't zoom in up close without missing much of the action.

How can I find a cam that will help me record a cool clip?

Easy! Open the Session tab and hit the map symbol in the top right corner of the Sessions tab.




Then, navigate the map to your area of interest and browse spots using the horizontal carousel below. Watch the screen recording demo using this feature, and see the "Rewind Rating" that indicates whether this cam is good for checking the surf or recording Sessions!

How can I get to the spot?

Once you've chosen a spot on the Cam Details map, you should see a Directions button which will enter the coordinates for the spot into your preferred maps app. Check the end of the screen recording for a demo.

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