Surf Checks

Anyone who registers for a free user account on Surfline will have access to three Surf Checks per week that refresh on a Monday. Any unused surf Checks will not roll over to the next week.  

Surf Checks allow free users to get all cams, ad-free, along with full 16-day forecasts for surf spots and regions, and complete forecast team analysis and insights. A Surf Check allows you to check as many cams and forecasts as you like in a single session using our app or website. Our focus is on offering users the best experience, with an emphasis on ensuring all users receive full access to the complete Surfline product experience.

For users who want access to Surfline more frequently, Premium Memberships offer an unlimited number of Surf Checks. To sign up for a Premium subscription or free trial (if eligible) please head to

For more information, check out our article here that dives deeper into the reasoning behind this change.


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