Can I share my account?


There is a one-person-to-one-account rule for all Premium subscriptions. You can refer to this in our Terms & Conditions:

"This Agreement is personal to you, and you may not assign your usage rights to anyone. Only one individual may access's Premium Subscription Service at the same time using the same user name or password, unless otherwise agreed to by Surfline."

If you are being logged out of your account or are receiving notifications that others are using your account, your account use has exceeded our standard limit of actively logged-in devices and browsers.

1) If you receive the following message while logging in, then you have reached the device limit:




2) If you choose to continue logging in from your current device, then you will effectively log out another device that is using your account. 

3) As the account holder, you will receive a notification that this has happened so that you can take steps to secure your account.

Solution: Click here to reset your password, and other people will not be able to log into your account.

If you had been using someone else’s account and want to experience Premium yourself, you can click here to sign up for Premium. 

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