Where to find buoys in the app

From a spot page in the app, just scroll to the bottom of the Live tab to see summaries from nearby buoys.


Hit View Buoy Data at the bottom of the summary view to open a mini webpage with the full buoy report.

From the Explore tab, swipe up the tab from the bottom of the screen and choose "Wave buoys".



Where to find buoys on the website

From the map interface, select Wave Buoys and click on any buoy. Once buoys are visible on the map, buoy summary boxes will populate on the left-hand side of the page. Navigate the map to show more buoys.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 12.49.36.png


From a spot page, scroll down to the bottom to see Nearby Buoys. Click on an individual buoy, or hit View Map to see the interface above.

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Buoy reports.

No Data? The buoy may not be reporting, or may not have the necessary sensors to fill all the data fields. Write to support@surfline.com with any questions.


The title and subheading use the following format...

Name of buoy, state (Buoy ID Number)

Date/time of last report received from buoy


Hitting View Buoy Data will take you from a buoy summary to the full buoy report page. Here, you can see 3 days of buoy data in both a graph and table format.

  • Significant wave height &V individually sorted swells.
  • Dominant period
  • Mean direction
  • Wave energy
  • Water temp
  • Learn more about the collapsible Buoy Spectra we've recently released!



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