[Beta Site] How do I create an account to save Favorites?

Your Favorites are now stored in the cloud. This way you can access them on any device or platform, anywhere. If you are not signed in, or do not have a Surfline account, you will not be able to access or save your favorite surf spots.

Follow these steps to create your account:

1) On the Surfline homepage, click the blue Start Now button in the top center of the page.


2) On the next page, add some of your favorite spots. We’ve generated a list of spots near you that you can chose from, or use the search box to find spots around the world. Don't worry, you can always go back to add more or change your Favorites later! Click here for directions.


3) Click the blue Next button.


4) Fill in your information manually or sign in with Facebook to create your free account.


You're good to go! If you are interested in trying a free trial of Premium, click here.

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