[Beta Site] How do I find forecast information for a surf spot?

As a Premium subscriber, you have access to all of our long-range forecasts created by our LOLA forecast and our expert forecasters.

On the new Surfline site, we now provide 17-day spot forecast data for all of our spots around the world, which includes hourly wind, surf, swell, tide and weather data. If you are having trouble finding spots, click here. See below to find out how to use this data to plan your next surf:


1) When viewing any surf spot, you can see the forecast on the left side of the page for that surf spot. Click on any day to view the forecast for that day, and use the left and right arrows to move back and forth in week.


2) Wind

You can now view hourly wind data for every spot in the world. Simply scroll down to the spot forecast charts, then advance the charts forward to see how the wind will change from hour to hour. You’ll also notice that the wind is updated on the map inset as you move the red line along the charts, this way you can see exactly when you’ll get those perfect offshore winds.


3) Swell

When the spot forecast charts are in the swell mode, you can view hourly swell data for the top 6 most significant swells that will be impacting your favorite spots. To drill into the swell height, period and direction, just hover over the arrows in the swell line to expose the tool tip. And to see how the top 3 swells will be impacting your spot, just check out the map inset above the charts and take a look at the swell rose.

 For directions on how to switch between swell and surf modes, click here.


4) Surf

When the forecast charts are in surf mode you can view forecasted surf height for any spot in world. For directions on how to switch between surf and swell modes, click here.

Learn more about how we rate surf heights and quality here.


5) Tide

Just move your mouse over the tide to view tide conditions at any time.

6) Weather

To view hourly weather conditions for any spot, just scroll down on the charts to the last row.


4-5 feet, light offshore, 72 and sunny, yew! With a Premium subscription, there’s no excuse for being unprepared. Start your free trial today to begin planning your next session. 

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