[Beta Site] What happened to the old Surfline website?

Surfline is in the process of transitioning to a new, updated website. The new site will be fully launched on both desktop and mobile devices later this summer. If you would like to return to the old Surfline experience at this time, you can do so by clearing your cache and cookies on your internet browser.


If you need assistance navigating the new website, please click here to view the part of our Help Desk that is dedicated to helping you transition to using the new version of Surfline.

Here are some of the great things we've added to the new site:

Mobile friendly: Our users use many different devices to access Surfline, but the old Surfline was designed for desktop computers and was difficult to use on a smaller screen. Our new website has been designed to be user-friendly across every screen size, meaning you get a website optimized for your device. No more pinching to zoom in and out on your smartphone or tablet.

Finding spots: We've made checking the surf conditions at spots around you easier by simplifying the navigation down to a map of your local area. For those of you who like to travel a little further for surf or know exactly where to go, we've made the search blazingly fast so you can get to that spot quicker than ever. We've noticed how much everyone uses their Favorites on our popular app products, so we've changed Favorites to sync with our apps. We've also added your Favorites to a bar right under the main navigation, so no matter where you are, they're only a click away.

Cams, reports, and forecasts: The bread and butter of Surfline has always been our cams, reports, and forecasts. In the new Surfline website we've made the cam view bigger than ever and kept it persistent on the page, so you can read the report and check the forecast while waiting for that next set on the cam. We’ve noticed many people using the 24-hour forecast on the cam page from the old website, so we’ve moved it further up the page, making it easier to access. Then we’ve combined the graphs together so you can compare all the data in one hit and find that perfect time to surf.

Local content: Our new homepage has all the great content you're used to seeing on Surfline, but using your Favorites, we've supplemented that with local content about the surfing spots you care about. With the new personalized homepage, you'll see more local forecast content than ever before.

The new site marks the first step in a new era for Surfline. While we've made numerous improvements, we're certainly not done and will continue to work hard on making Surfline even better for you. We want to build a site that works for you and your input is incredibly valuable, so please feel free to submit a ticket and provide any and all feedback.

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