Managing Favorites in the iOS app

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Important notes

  • Surfline's layout works best when your most frequented spots are at the top of your favorites list
  • If you prefer to do this on a computer, any changes will reflect in the app as long as you're signed in to the same account. Adding, reordering and deleting Favorites on the website
  • If you're on a trip, you don't need to rearrange the list of favorites - after hitting View All (step 1. in the instructions below) just use the sub-regional filters to hide spots elsewhere!

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How to delete or rearrange your Favorite spots in the app 

Check the screen recording at the bottom of the article for guidance!

At the top of the app homepage, you can swipe left/right through a preview of your Favorite spots.

1. Hit View All on the right-hand side of the screen to get the full list.

2. Now you're seeing your Favorite spots, hit Edit in the top right corner to rearrange/delete.

3. From the Edit view, put your thumb on the 3 horizontal lines and drag spots up/down the list to rearrange them.

4. Click the STOP button to delete a spot.

5. Click Done to save your changes.


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