Why are some spot names changing?

We’re updating some spot names to better describe their locations, which may affect spots in your Favorites, Surf Alert preferences, and Sessions clips. One example of a spot name that changed is Ponto, San Diego CA: surfline.com/surf-report/ponto

Previously, we had three spots here: Ponto Jetties, Ponto North and Ponto South. They are now combined as one spot and cameras viewable as multiple angles. Because these three peaks are in the same location, they’ll have the same forecast, and you can view all the information you need in one place.

Before Ponto Jetties, North and South on three separate pages.




After, Ponto as one spot with North and South as Cam Angles.



We’ve done our best to modify your account settings to accurately reflect spot name changes. If something doesn’t look quite right, please refer to the related articles below on how to update them, or feel free to contact support.

Please also check out these other help center articles:

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