Why are some spot names changing?

Previously, Surfline could only put one cam player on a spot page.

This means where we had multiple cam angles, we needed to create a new spot page for each cam, even where the locations shared the same identical forecast.

Then, we introduced the Multi-Cam player. We could add all the angles we needed to a single forecast.

Now, we're cleaning things up to bring the right cams to the right forecasts, and making sure spot page names are accurately describing locations.

E.g. "Ponto Jetties", "Ponto North" and "Ponto South" cams are now on a single "Ponto" spot forecast page.


3 identical spot forecasts above (pre spot consolidation)

1 spot forecast with 3 cam angles below (post spot consolidation)



These changes may impact a) spots in your Favorites, b) Surf Alerts, and c) Sessions.

We’ve done our best to modify your account settings to accurately reflect spot name changes. If something doesn’t look quite right, please refer to the related articles below on how to update them, or feel free to contact support.

Please also check out these other help center articles:

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