How can I customize My Surfline?

How can I Customize My Surfline account?

Customize elements of your Surfline account to get the most of your Surfline experience. Start by personalizing your Preferred Forecast Region on your “My Surfline Dashboard” located on your Surfline homepage.

  • In order to customize your forecast region, you first need to create a free Surfline account
  • Once you’ve created your account, select “Set Your Preferred Forecast Region” on your dashboard.




  • Choose your preferred “area,” “region,” and “subregion,” then click “Finished”




But wait...there’s more! To customize other features of your Surfline site, click on the “My Account” link at the top righthand corner of the Surfline homepage, and select the “Site Settings” tab.




On this “Site Settings” page you can personalize three other features of your Surfline account:


 Animation Preference/ Forecast Region for LOLA graphics



  • Select the forecast region for your LOLA graphic in the drop down menu
  • Choose whether your LOLA graphic is animated ( looped) or a still frame containing a single image


Forecast Summary Options



  • Click the drop down menus to select your desired Forecast summary regions.
  • A brief summary of the forecast in those regions will appear in your “My Surfline” dashboard on the Surfline homepage.


Home Break Cam

  • Our home cam feature gives you access to live video of your favorite surf break right on your Surfline homepage
  • To change your home break cam, click the blue “Edit button” to select the desired region you would like featured on your home camera.


  • To view your new camera, just go to the Surfline homepage and click the “Home Cam” tab in the upper righthand video module, and watch away!


Need to change any of your personal account settings? Click here


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